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Top of Mount Fuji

Clean cold air is filling your lungs, you look to your sides and see your family, now a team of Ninjas, filled with sense of accomplishment. looking back at the path you've climbed brings up great memories

Heaven's Breath Cave

Next up, and the final destination of our ninja path, is reaching Heaven’s Breath Temple. Only the top ninjas arrive at this serene, magical place and you are well on your way! You have surpassed most. To reach Heaven’s Breath Temple swiftly and safely you must use your individual qualities and the sum of your qualities as a family team to get there unscathed. Think about what you will need physically and mentally to reach your destination. It will be a challenging path, filled with unexpected terrain, climbing and scaling uninhabitable lands. You will have to be resourceful and use one another to make it through the switchbacks of the mountain. Emotionally, it will also be exhausting. You will not know what may be just around the steep corners.
The most adept ninjas make it here sound of mind and body. It is here that you will find unique riddles to solve. But first, take in the beauty around you. Look into the faces of those who have helped guide you and those you have helped to guide. You did not reach this place alone. It was a long, arduous journey, but you made it all together. Once you reach Heaven’s Breath Temple, there will be a cave to enter. Inside, you will see, displayed over all of the walls, unique hieroglyphics presenting you with challenging tasks.

Stone Garden

Solve Riddles Together



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