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Let's Play - Our superhero

Activity duration: 20-30 minutes.

Suitable for ages: 5-12

What You Will Need

  • Pen

  • Paper Notes

  • Bowl

  • Sandwich bags as the number of participants.

What are the game basics? In short

Now is the time to be a superhero. You will talk and behave like one, but your thoughts will be your own, and it is important for us to hear them out.


Bring the family to set the scene:

All you need is a comfortable place where the entire family can sit, in the living or dining room, at the end of a meal, for instance.


LET’S Play

Character panel – Each family member will think of their favorite superhero.

Next, take 5 minutes to resemble your superhero by using props, clothing, make-up, toy weapons, and characteristics. Come back and meet the whole family.

In addition to clothing details and objects you will be wearing, we will prepare for the battle of the superheroes! On a paper note, write one name of an object you brought with you as part of the character. The item can be clothing, the weapon or a feature that you brought with you into the character, fold the note and put in your personal sandwich bag, and prepare for the battle stage.

Battle Stage:

For each battle, two members of the family will stand up and stand in front of the others. In preparation for the action, they will reach out, holding the bag with the superpowers in front and wait for the family members to count back to the moment of the draw… 3..2..1 draw! At that moment, each superhero takes out one note from the bag.

Now, every superhero must look at the note and figure out a way to explain to the family how the item written in the note will grant them power to achieve victory over the opponent superhero. The way we explain the drawn superpower has great importance seeing that it can increase our chances to win. When the two opponents finish explaining their superpowers, the family members will vote for the opponent that convinced them better and that they think was victorious in that battle. We will then continue to play more battle rounds until every member has played with all other members. The winners of the Superhero Duel are the ones who have won the highest number of battles.

Now, let us imagine our perfect family superhero - Draw a human character on a paper and try to formulate what are the superpowers that have to be simulated, what kind of power does he have in his hands? (strength, flexibility, ice power, etc.) What power does his legs hold? What about his mind and heart?

Finally, try to define when it can help you and in what way.


Bring your deeper lessons

When we wish to resemble someone, we relate to their particular abilities. In fact, we want some of these abilities or similar ones. It will be interesting to see what the choices were, and why?

At the discussion stage, these are more important choices. It is possible to discuss in the family forum on issues that are not in the daily family routine. These topics concern our weakness and strength areas within each of us; therefore, the reactions can be impulsive. They also touch aspects of the values ​​we want to instill in the family and our children as human beings; we should be aware of that.

Characters In the activity hold a humorous aspect, try to address the strength points of the costume and the imagination in character. If there was an exceptional effort, address it as well, it is essential that the child feels that his efforts are being addressed.


Conversation Starters

Extend the activity with a conversation using some of the following questions. It takes only a few minutes and any place is suitable. It will deepen the communication, and strengthen the family bond.

  1. "I noticed you picked the character of… great imagination, why did you choose this one in particular"?

  2. Sometimes we want some of the qualities of someone we value to be 'transferred' to us. What qualities would you like to have? Why?

  3. Are there qualities you dislike or want to change? Why?

  4. Would you have picked a different character? Why?

  5. Amongst the values ​​to which you referred to in acting or character drawing, which are the values ​​you liked more and which ones you didn't? Are there values ​​that are important for you to instill in your daily life?

  6. Which character would you not have chosen at all? Why?

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