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Count on me

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Activity duration: 10-30 minutes.

Suitable for ages: 5-12

What You Will Need

  • A towel/ bandanna

  • Random household objects (a chair/a pillow/a ball)

  • A stopwatch App

What are the game basics? In short:

In this game we will go through an obstacle course, blindfolded! We will move around by receiving instructions and help from a family member who is paired with you for the game. Each pair will go through the obstacle course twice, allowing both to be blindfolded and the guide. We will keep time for each to go through the obstacle course, and present the winner pair at the end of the game.


Bring the family to set the scene:

Our first goal is to build an obstacle course consisting of 4-5 stations and think together what will be the challenge needed to be executed in this station. Some examples can be: placing a ball on a chair, picking up a mug from the table and drinking water, standing on one leg, etc. These are just examples, think together with your children, and try to find harmless yet challenging tasks for each station. Open a stopwatch on your phone and show the kids how to operate it.

let’s divide into pairs - allow your kids to select who they want to pair with. It’s ok that a single parent will join each of two kids.


Let's Play

Each pair decides which of the two will cover their eyes and which will guide and direct the other through speech. Speech guidance can be: Go right, Lift your right leg, Bring your hand open slowly forward, etc.

The goal is to perform the tasks at the stations without falling, toppling objects, spilling and things of this nature. One of these would disqualify this try through the course and would send the blindfolded player back to the starting point for a new try.

One player should measure the time and announce ‘start’ when everything is ready. When the other couple’s players reach the end of the course, stop the time and right it down.

After the first pair had their first try on the course, it’s the 2nd pair’s turn. After one round is up, the couples switch roles.

After two rounds (or more if you decide to) we will calculate which couple was faster, by adding both times measured, the winners are with the lower the combined time


Bring your deeper lessons

We’ve designed the game to promote teamwork within family members, tightening the bond between siblings or parent and child. For a child, the ability to guide with words can be empowering or surface some stress. Being blindfolded can raise trust feelings along with stress. Try to be aware of those feelings and talk about them.

This game addresses different aspects of relationships and collaboration - Helping and relying on another and putting trust in someone, or how to synchronize the family and beyond into one common goal.


Conversation Starters :

Extend the activity with a conversation using some of the following questions. It takes only a few minutes and any place is suitable. It will deepen the communication, and strengthen the family bond.

  1. Which part of the game you’ve enjoyed more - Being blindfolded and guided or to guide and provide instructions? What made this experience more enjoyable to you? What did you enjoy more, being blindfolded or leading someone else? Why?

  2. What parts of the game, or which obstacle in the course, felt hard? Out of all of these moments, which one was the hardest for you? What helped you to overcome these moments?

  3. Do you see similarities between the game and situations in everyday life, where one person knows something and needs to explain it to another who is unfamiliar with that something?

  4. What is the best way to ask for guidance from family members, friends, or someone at school?

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