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We provide parents the tools to prevent & engage their kids' mental challenges 

Raise A Healthy Family.

Your Parenting Buddy 

Your kids need a superhero, technology can help you become one.



Scenarios are unpredictable, be ready to meet them. 


Kid development methodologies and suggested activities to engage with. 


Fun Sessions for Optimal Child Development

Lead and stimulate your child's development by selecting suited experiences from a library of sessions designed by therapists and educators.

Receive Professional Insights on Family Play Time

Spend time with your kids while in play; learn and evolve post-session. Through analysis of each session, we provide insights and suggest further action.

Real-Life Family Action Guided by one Screen

Maximizing family fun and relationships, while exploring rich worlds.

We found a way for GOOD parents
to become GREAT parents.

We're a group of therapist (child development, behavioral sciences, communicational skills) who researched over time the effects of the digital handheld devices.

In hour work we found better ways to bring the family together using technology and increase the positive influence a parent can bring to their childrens.
We've learned that technologies built for maximizing fun online can be implied into the living room, dinner table to any moment your family members present. 

we're designing an app with fun activities for the whole family to go though. The  deeper levels imbedded in the action, would touch mental, emotional and communicational levels.

For a limited time we're inviting families to try out our App's Alpha version. 
You can also join our study and help us to learn more about the needs of families  

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